Alameda Inpatient Medical, Inc. is a hospitalist company based in the Bay Area, California. We are a physician-owned and operated company, covering multiple acute and post-acute facilities in the East Bay Area. We are a team of dedicated physicians taking care of you and your loved ones during your hospital stay.   Our mission is to provide compassionate, evidence-based, individualized healthcare.
Empathy and Compassion

We believe that every patient and their loved ones deserve compassionate care as the foundation of excellent healthcare.  It is important to establish a trusted patient-physician relationship that will improve healthcare outcomes. 

Patient Satisfaction and Confidentiality

As a group it is our belief that patients and their family have a right to be an integral part of their medical decision making.  We will understand that patient care is a multifaceted approach, taking the patients wishes in to account is an integral part of excellent healthcare.

Practice Evidence Based Medicine

All of our physicians are board certified and are required to maintain updated standards of practice, as required by the Medical Board of California.

Serving the Community

Alameda Inpatient Medicine believes that every patient, irrespective of socioeconomic status, race or gender deserves the right to accessible and affordable healthcare. 

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Are you accepting any new patients?

Our physicians only work with patients admitted to the hospital or to overnight/long-term care facilities (i.e. nursing home). We do not see outpatients nor schedule appointments.


What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician who works exclusively in a hospital or overnight setting. The term "internist" is sometimes used interchangeably but they mean different things. An internist is a physician who specializes in internal medicine(/general medicine).​


Can I see my account balance? / I have questions about my bill.

We go through a third-party billing company who handles billing on our behalf. We are unable to see patient accounts from our end. Please call the number listed on your bill for any questions or concerns.

How do I speak with a doctor?

We recommend contacting the facility's main number as they can direct you to the nursing staff taking care of your loved ones.

How do I get clarification on a prescription?

Please fax your request to the office. Be sure to include call/fax back numbers on the cover sheet.


Does A.I.M. refill prescription requests?​

If the patient is currently residing at one of the facilities we work with, yes. Refill requests for discharged patients MUST be obtained from a primary care physician.